I have room for two students in piano and/or guitar.
I won't be teaching you how to read music. This won't be about reading music, and you must already have a working knowledge of your instrument to qualify, and be looking to improve your performance skills and musical knowledge.
I can teach you how to remove yourself from your musical rut with new exciting improvisational techniques.

No beginners please.

My qualifications:
Forty years in the music business wearing several hats, including performance.
Emmy winner (for composition)
Multi Omni winner (Gold, Silver, Bronze) (for composition and broadcast audio)
Telly winner (for composition and broadcast audio)
Recording Engineer
Session/Studio Musician

To be considered, potential
student must have (at least):
-well established sense of rhythm
-ability to play fairly well currently

Areas of study include:
-advanced techniques for playing music with others
-advanced improvisation and soloing
-songwriting / composition
-ear training

Only serious, dedicated students will be considered.
Email or call & tell  me about yourself and what you are hoping to learn.

You will learn at an accelerated rate

EMAIL or CALL for information: